Serra do Rio do Rastro, literally Mountain Range of the River of the Track, is a mountain range located in the southeast of the state of Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil. It is crossed by the road SC-390, with remarkable landscapes and deep cliffs. Its highest point is situated at 1,460m above sea level. In the highest areas of

P 1 / Kotor To Cetinje / most famous part is 8.3km called Kotor Serpentine, pretty steep, with 16 hairpin turns

N 45 / Lowari Pass or Lawari or Lawarai or Lowari Top / Dir To Mirkhani

Sangetsar Lake or Madhuri lake

181 / Kolli Hills Road or Kollimalai Ghat Road

Three Level Zigzag / Nimachen to Zuluk or Dzuluk to Thambi View Point

D 80 / Villargondran to Albiez-le-Jeune