From Mezquitic To Monte Escobedo is a scenic drive of long valleys and some hills. The asphalted road departs from Monte Escobedo, Zacatecas (2200 masl) to a small community in a mesa mountain at 1930 masl, then continues to descend to Mezquitic, Jalisco at 1350 masl.
Tlacolula de Motamoros To San Juan Petlapa. This is one of the most challenging and scenics routes in Mexico. Route ascends dramatically into the mountains towards Cuajimoloyas at 3170m in just 20klm. Rough paved road descends again to
Road 182 from Teotitlán de Flores Magón To San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec is a very scenic route offering stunning views of Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains, valleys, and canyons of different biomes such tropical rain forest, pine forest and desert in same route. There are
From Huitznopala To Tianguistengo. A very scenic route close to the indigenous communities of Nahualt people. Spectacular views of mountains, valleys, lush tropical forests and small communities. The surface of the road is asphalt. Beware of the narrow segments between the mountain edges and canyons and some hairpin turns.
From Creel To Guachochi. This route is also popular since places like Copper Canyon, Batopilas, various waterfalls and Creel town are around but due to wonderful views of pine forest, ponderosa trees, canyons, rivers, lakes and rock formations. The most scenic
Road 131 from Oaxaca To Puerto Escondido is a long journey, consider 6 hours, curvy enough to keep you busy but also scenic route over Sierra Madre mountains. The road is narrow in some parts with switchbacks and long steep slopes. Engine brake is mandatory or recommended. The highest point is at 2.180m above the sea level, near Sola de Vega, and the lowest is the sea level, in resort city of Puerto Escondido.
From Batopilas To Morelos Municipality. From Batopilas at 570m, the road dramatically goes up into the mountains in a series of switchbacks to town Buenavista located at 2400m. The road stays for 20 kilometers in a mesa, near Los Chiqueros, and descends to Polanco at
Road 436 from Junction with road 401 To Tapalpa. This scenic mountain road climbes up to Tapalpa town at 2.060m (6,758ft). Filled with pretty steep grades inclination and some sharp curves. Road to Tapalpa offers stunning views of the Sayula lagoon and valley, such as
Road 1 from La Paz To San Evaristo, Baja California is a very scenic drive running along the Gulf of California. San Evaristo, a small fishing village of uninspiring homes all with a very inspiring background. The road is 129km long.
Road 307 from Palenque To La Trinitaria in Chiapas region. A very scenic jungle drive of almost 460km long. There are some interesting section of this route, north side near the Bonampak and Yachilán Mayan ruins and south side near Lagunas de Montebello