Shelf Road is the name of an adventurous and rugged mountain drive. A great drive for about 20km (12.5 miles) long, running south-north from the city of Cañon City (in Fremont County) where it begins 21.7km (13.5 miles) north of Cañon City where it changes
Glendora Mountain Road is a very scenic mountain drive. It is a very technical riding road, especially for motorcycles. A road ride with views and hills that will take your breath away. It is 34.76km (21.6 miles) long, extending north from the city of Glendora to
Hawk's Nest Road is the name of a fantastic, winding piece of asphalt. It is a curvy, cliffside stretch of road along the Delaware River with breathtaking views. Running from Port Jervis (a city at the confluence of the Neversink and Delaware rivers) to Hancock
State Highway 200, also known as Ala Mauna Saddle Road or simply Saddle Road, is a very scenic drive. Road reaches a maximum elevation of 2.062m (6,765ft), at Humuula Saddle. It is 52.7 mi (84.8 km) long and links downtown Hilo and the junction with
California Route 36 is said to be one of the twistier roads in US. It crosses northern California (Humboldt, Trinity, Shasta, Tehama, Plumas and Lassen counties). Most of the 36 route is a two lane conventional highway. It is also said to have 1811 curves along its
Skyline Drive is a 4.1km (2.6 miles) long, scenic drive across a razorback ridge close to Cañon City offering panoramic views. Starting from US Highway 50 this road is quite narrow and the drop offs are a bit intimidating on each side. This a very steep drive with
The Smoky Mountain Scenic Backway, official name BLM330, is a very scenic trail through Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. The road offers unparalleled views of Lake Powell, the Navajo Mountains, and the
Mineral King Road is a stunning drive, 39.91km (24.8 miles) long, claiming to have 398 curves in just 25 miles. Road is mostly paved, but sometimes very good gravel or dirt, and eventually becomes a trail. The early part of the trail follows the old mining
Sherman Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.804m (9,200ft), of the highest in California. The road features lots of twists and turns. The road, called Sherman Pass road, to the summit is asphalted but scenic with lots of twists and turns with
Schnebly Hill Road is of the most well-known and scenic routes in the Sedona area. Twists, turns, steep cliffs, wash out areas and great views. Steep, twisty, unpaved and wonderfully scenic route. One of the premier drives in Arizona. You will find enough parking spots to