Lake Minnewanka Scenic Drive is a wonderful scenic drive toward the Lake Minnewanka. The drive is a scenic loop. It’s asphalted and 13km long. This glacial lake lies at an elevation of 1.500m (4,900ft) above the sea level. This loop takes you past
The Cabot Trail is a highway and scenic roadway in Nova Scotia measures 298 km (185 mi) in length and completes a loop around the northern tip of the island. The northern section of the Cabot Trail passes through Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The
Highway 4 or better known as Pacific Rim Highway, is a very scenic 170km paved drive connecting Parksville and Tofino. Along the way you can experience the romantic isolation of the region. The drive is definitely worth it. The Pacific Rim Highway runs
Yoho Valley Road is a very scenic journey, nobody should miss, and easy access to Yoho National Park, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. This 13.7klm (8.5m) adrenaline-pumping journey is on narrow, steep and winding road with a set of intense hairpin switchbacks. The deep valley offers
The Princeton Summerland Road is a very scenic drive. It’s a good ride with some nice corners and scenery. The road is 93.1 km long. It links Princeton, in the Similkameen region of southern British Columbia, and Summerland, on the west side of

Shrine Pass, elevation 11,094 ft (3,381 m). The pass is located at the northern end of the Sawatch Range. It is traversed by a narrow unpaved road connecting the eastern side of Vail Pass near Interstate 70 (east) with the town of Red Cliff in the upper valley of the Eagle River (west). Most of the time, it is a

The Stewart–Cassiar Highway, 870km, also known as the Dease Lake Highway and the Stikine Highway as well as the Terrace–Kitimat Highway from Kitimat to Terrace, is the northwesternmost highway in the Canadian province of British Columbia. A scenic route through some of the province's most isolated areas, the

Cerro de los Siete Colores (The Hill of Seven Colors) is one of the hills bordering the Quebrada de Purmamarca which is in turn is a western branch of the Quebrada de Humahuaca up to Cuesta del Lipán. Its unique color range is the product of a complex geological history including marine sediments, lake and

White Mountain Road / Junction with 168 To Barcroft Field Station / From 168 road, the first 10.2m are paved. The rest is gravel surface. The road climbs up several mountain passes. It runs entirely over 3.000m. The road is very steep but not that demanding. The average gradient is 6%. Open to all motorized vehicles, however, strongly recommended for 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Whitney Portal Road / All the way up from Lone Pine till Whitney Portal. Whitney Portal is the end of the Whitney Portal road in Inyo County, California, 13.7 miles (22 km) west of Lone Pine at an elevation of 8,374 feet (2,552 m). Whitney Portal is the gateway to Mount Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous