Stelios Valtzis

Stelios Valtzis

Smith Dorrien Trail also known as Highway 742 is a very scenic gravel ride, 62km long, through the scenic Smith-Dorrien Valley. The ride connects town of Canmore and Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. Highest point of the road is the Smith-Dorrien Pass, at 1.905m (6,250ft). It’s pretty easy to drive, no need for an SUV. The drive is definitely worth it. There are

Dempster Highway / from Klondike Highway, close to Dawson City, in Yukon (Canada) to Inuvik (Northwest Territories), length of 736 km (457 mi). Very scenic gravel highway across miles of desolate Arctic landscape, in Canada. It’s the only all-weather road to cross the Arctic Circle. It's incredibly beautiful, somewhat dangerous and perhaps something you get to

MotoPanda Motorcycle Tours is the dream baby of Ken Holmes. Ken has spent a substantial amount of time working, living and riding motorcycles throughout China. Kens aim and desire for this Tour Company is to provide a reasonably priced platform for everyday bike riders to see and experience the humanitarian, geographical and culinary delights of

Trading as TBR Performance, Innocent Engineering LTD provide all aspects of motorcycle repair, servicing and tuning.

The Enduring ASD was formed in 2018 by a group of friends of extreme sports enthusiasts with many years of experience in the participation and organization of competitions Enduro, Motorally, Baja, 4 × 4, MTB . Enduring ASD avails itself of the external collaboration of consultants and scouts operating all over the world in search of the most adrenaline-filled

Pont Chatelet, Chatelet Bridge, is a stone arch connecting two cliffs that drop into a seemingly bottomless chasm. Constructed in 1882, the bridge crosses the Ubaye river. It is placed 108m from bottom of the river. It is dinstictive as is reported as the second greatest height to span ratio of any of the world’s 1,000 or so highest bridges.

40 / Coleman to Grande Prairie / Do not miss this route. Road is basicaly asphalt but with some gravel sections. Scenic trip, perfect way to discover Canada and southern Alberta. Road closures can be frequent.

The Atuel Canyon (in Spanish Cañón del Atuel) is a narrow canyon and popular tourist attraction. Road 173 from San Rafael to El Nihuil forms the best of it. The canyon is popular location for adventure sports, including river rafting, hiking, climbing, horse riding and mountain biking. The Atuel River flows through the base of the canyon and

Welcome to the world of Motoyogis, where unconventional adventure begins. Motoyogis is based in India but we operate globally and we have a setup in New Zealand as well. Motoyogis is a Motorbike travel company established in 2012 with a passion to offer the best Motorcycle adventure globally. We have done several

Expedition Africa has created several carefully selected tours for its customers. There is one for every taste, from mountain passes, coastal roads, to the most remote gravel roads. Each tour was put together by us and also tested. No matter if it is the Easyrider or the Camel Trophy, we have something for you. If your better half