Stelios Valtzis

Stelios Valtzis

Adventure is what we are all about. We plan your whole adventure and take care of your every need including taking care of your bookings for your accommodation and catering. We provide a BMW, f800gs, riding gear (helmet, jacket, pants boots, gloves, Bluetooth communication.) Guides, back up vehicle, accommodation, catering and extra activities can be arranged at extra cost.

Somiedo Natural Park is a natural park located in the central area of the Cantabrian Mountains in the Principality of Asturias. It contains 39,164 hectares. Lakes in the park have been designated a natural monument, the Conjunto Lacustre de Somiedo. The farming methods traditional to the area are regarded as an example of

Tours without borders! All you need is to dream - we will take care of all the rest !! After crossing Israel from North to South with his motorbike Boaz Redansky decided to combine his passion for motorbikes and travels and to explore new destinations across the sea. Now Boaz wishes to share his knowledge and experience with you

Dunvegan Castle is located 1 mile (1.6 km) to the north of Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye, off the west coast of Scotland. It is the seat of the MacLeod of MacLeod, chief of the Clan MacLeod. Probably a fortified site from the earliest times, the castle was first built in the 13th century and developed piecemeal over the

Glen Coe is a glen of volcanic origins in the Highlands of Scotland. The scenic beauty of the glen has led to its inclusion in the Ben Nevis and Glen Coe National Scenic Area, one of 40 such areas in Scotland. A review of the national scenic areas by Scottish Natural Heritage in 2010 made reference to the "soaring, dramatic splendour

Godøystraumen is one of several tidal streams along the Helgeland coast. The streams are created by the tide when huge volumes of water are forced into and out of narrow inlets causing powerful whirlpools. The rest area near the narrow inlet that gives rise to Godøystruamen provides a close-up view of the stream and the ocean beyond.

Svartisen is a collective term for two glaciers located in northern Norway. The system consists of two separate glaciers. Vestre (western) Svartisen (221 km2), which is the second largest glacier on the Norwegian mainland (there are larger glaciers on Svalbard) after Jostedalsbreen. Østre (eastern) Svartisen (148 km2), which is the

Torghatten is a granite mountain on Torget island in Brønnøy municipality in Nordland county, Norway. It is known for its characteristic hole, or natural tunnel, through its center. It is possible to walk up to the tunnel on a well-prepared path, and through it on a natural path. According to legend, the hole was made by the

The gorges of A Spelunca 1 (in Corsican A Spelunca or A Spilonca ' Latin spelunca: cave') is located in the villages of Ota and Evisa. It offers offers splendid hiking, plus freshwater swimming on hot days. Dizzying landscapes, dominated by a huge rock on top of which would have existed at a place called